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Your cargo is valuable, and you want to know the shipping carrier you hire keeps it safe and secure while delivering when they promise to.

 Our reliable and on-time shipping services cover all of 48 states and Canada. Tesla Express keeps our prices competitive because we believe you deserve to get your cargo where it needs to be without breaking your budget. Contact us →

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Tesla Expresses flatbed option allows you to haul oversized and wide loads across town or across the country safely and securely. We have your more traditional flatbed trucking options that include long suite haulers and big rigs.
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Keep your perishables fresh and cold across every mile with our Reefer truck. With cutting edge cold storage for hauling those temperature-sensitive loads, we ensure the timely delivery of your perishables while they’re still fresh.
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Dry Van

Tesla Expresses dry van option provides your cargo with the protection it deserves in a fully-enclosed semi-trailer. Whether you need to ship boxes, pallets, or loose freight, our dry vans give you the most options to move large cargo.
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Why Tesla Express services?

With our 24/7 customer service and tracking services, you have instant satellite tracking at the click of a button. We always have dedicated dispatchers to handle any of your logistics or shipping questions or issues at a moment’s notice. Tesla Expresse proudly hauls all types of freight with state of the art equipment you can depend on. Whether you need a flatbed, reefer, or dry van to deliver your load, we have what you need. We have a clean claim record and hire only experienced drivers with 2+ years behind the wheel minimum.


How do we calculate freight costs?

The cost of shipping your cargo varies and is dependent on different conditions like size and weight of your load, type of shipment, delivery time, and more. For a detailed quote, submit a shipment request on our site today.

What is LTL freight?

 LTL Freight stands for less than truckload shipment. If the cargo you need to be shipped doesn’t take up the full truck, we can ship cargo from other clients with a similar destination to fill up the truck. A considerable benefit of LTL is that it saves you money on your shipment costs.

What other services do you offer?

Our broker services offer a multitude of services and benefits:

  • Real time tracking with timely updates on your shipment.
  • We have dedicated lanes for our drivers.
  • Industry leading safety and training program.
  • Industry leading fleet maintenance program.
  • We work with the top brokers on the market.
  • Our 98% on time record speaks for itself.
  • We carry cargo insurance up to $300k.

What is an expedited shipping?

Shipping requires drivers to adhere to a strict deadline for delivery. In most cases, these types of shipments are done by a single truck with two drivers who drive in shifts.

What is a BOL (bill of lading)?

This is a type of document used for invoicing in the shipping industry. BOL will always be issued by a carrier to a shipper, like a shipping manifest. It will list all the pertinent information about the shipment, including the address of delivery, freight class, description of cargo, and packing type, along with any special instructions.

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